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Our owner, Diane Wilson, is a creative beauty professional with nearly three decades of experience. Diane loves helping people, and finds great reward in a job well done.

One summer afternoon, she was meticulously applying a fresh coat of polish to her toenails. Intent on not making mistakes, she held a book light to fend off shadows as she carefully proceeded. Despite her best attempt, mistakes including polish on surrounding skin, too much polish on some nail spots, and altogether missed areas on others happened. She picked up a cotton swab, dampened it with nail polish remover, and tried to correct her errors. It didn’t go so well. Frustrated, she removed the just applied polish, grumbling about the time she had now wasted. There had to be a better way!

Wanting to wear her cute sandals that day, she brainstormed. Aha! A magnifying glass would help! With newfound hope and excitement, she dug one out from her junk drawer and jumped in with both feet. The combination of direct light plus magnification made all the difference! The only problem now was the difficulty of holding these tools with her free hand while taking care to not spill the polish. She went on a quest to buy a suitable lighted magnifier, to no avail. Three short years later, this vibrant hairstylist has created a patent-pending pedicure tool that will revolutionize women’s toe care regimens. Dip your toes in the water and purchase yours today!