Hands-free light & magnification

Primp my Pedi makes toenail care fun!

Achieve perfect pedicure results

polishing toenails w primp my pedi

Polish with precision

Great for all ages

The lighted-magnifier for toenail care

No more straining to do your toes.  Primp my Pedi makes toenail care fun, comfortable, and EASY with perfect lighting plus magnification.

Featuring 4 bright LED lights plus 2.5x magnification for AMAZING results!

Primp my Pedi is also compact, simple to use, and totally versatile...what's not to LOVE?

No more wasted time, no more painful mistakes...

For less than the cost of a pedicure, Primp my Pedi will save you more than money. Easily achieve PROFESSIONAL mistake-free results!

  • Comfortable sandal-like design

    The elastic straps comfortably accommodate various foot widths, while the lighted magnifier stays put in any position for optimal viewing. Can also be used on others to give perfect pedi's.

  • Be ready for fun in the sun with perfectly polished toes

  • Perfectly apply nail polish - every time

    Perfectly trim, shape, groom, and polish your toenails with ease...seeing is believing.

You can now achieve perfect pedicure results at home.

  • See your toenails with ease

    Four bright LED lights plus a 2.5x magnifying viewer make toenail care a breeze.

  • Fall in love with your little piggies

    Toenail care is fun and pain-free with this comfortable hands-free tool. Go ahead and get creative with nail art you can now design!

  • Hands-free design

    Goes on like a sandal, adjusts quickly and easily for different feet, stays-put, and it's super comfortable!

  • 4 Bright LED lights

    Provides all the light you need to do your toenails, (3 AAA batteries required)

About Primp my Pedi

Our founder, Diane Wilson, is a beauty professional with nearly three decades of experience. Diane loves helping others, and relates the story of how "Primp my Pedi" came to be:

One summer afternoon, she was applying polish to her toenails, careful to avoid making mistakes (which she had a knack of doing) . She perched herself beneath her bedroom light, and carefully proceeded. Despite her best attempt, polish blunders happened. Frustrated, she picked up a cotton swab and dampened it with nail polish remover to correct her errors. It didn’t go so well. She gave up and removed the just-applied polish, grumbling about the time she had just wasted. There had to be a better way!

She got to thinking, and soon had a vision of just what she needed.  A hands-free, foot-held magnifying glass with light would be awesome! She went on a quest to find such a tool, to no avail. Three short years later, Diane has created a patent-pending pedicure tool that will revolutionize toenail care regimens.

She believes you'll love it as much as she does, and satisfaction is guaranteed.